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This is a pretty fun game. I played all the way to Duckface and gave up when I died right at the end. I love bullet hells, and they're even better when they are rhythm based. I was wondering however, if game pad compatibility was planned for the future, or if there will be any new levels later on (Might I recommend Xtrullor, Goldheartsenpai, or 1nf1nty for some good tracks). I know for sure I will try to beat every level, no matter how much I struggle!

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry, I don't have plans for further development on Vavio right now :(

It says the game is a virus

Hey Foge! That happens with some smaller games, Windows classifies them as a virus just in case, but Vavio is safe! There should be a "Learn more" or similar option when the message pops up, click that and then you should be able to click "run anyway"! 

But im using norton

Hmm... I don't have experience with Norton, but I'm sure there's a way to whitelist programs if you search around

Cool game, but it's so hard :(

I like this game , is really good Congratulations

Will there be a MacOS version of the game? Can't wait to play it :)

I can upload a MacOS build, but I won't be able to test it since I don't have access to any Apple devices right now :)

I can test it out for you, am using one!

Wow, amazing!! I hope to see more

Awesome game ! Really worth the play.